Tokenomics: the bridge connecting the Real-world & Metaverse

From a language standpoint, Tokenomics is a word play between token and economics. From a conceptual stand point, though, Tokenomics is a concept that deals with the world of tokens.

Where does that world exist exactly?

Not just the Metaverse, as many might think.

Tokens, in the crypto space (such as Metaverse), refer to digital assets. Yet if they do not serve a practical value in the real-world they would not be useful. Thus the world of Tokenomics is born where the Tokens not only deal with digital assets in pseudo spaces (such as Metaverse), they also serve a representative value (such as ownership, rights, credentials, abilities etc.) in the real-world.

In the simplest sense, tokens are digital units with value. While crypto-coins are often treated as currency, tokens are units that represent anything of value. For example, tokens can represent voting rights and can exist on more than one blockchain. Tokens can also represent loyalty points, stocks, gold certificates, fiat currencies, art, music, and other assets of perceived value.

In the real-world context, tokens can be compared to things that hold a perceived value such as: Sports club memberships, movie tickets, and driver’s licenses etc.

Tokenomics in Business

Leveraging Tokenomics in a business involves the study of all factors surrounding tokens: from the factors that impact tokens to their creation (minting), distribution, valuation and destruction (burning) every aspect of tokens is carefully studied and designed specifically to meet the business use-cases in question.

The incentivization factor of Tokenomics makes it attractive to businesses. Incentives are attractive offerings that hold value for the recipient; so are tokens. This incentivization factor is fundamental to Tokenomics. It is also the factor that makes it a potential asset for businesses. Organizations can derive benefits from well-designed Tokenomics-based projects.

To give an example consider this scenario: a business can issue a token for the purchase of products on its platform. The business can also announce special discounts or other offers for customers buying the products or services using their tokens.

Why Should Businesses Care about Tokenomics?

Tokens present businesses with a potential opportunity that allows them to be more in control of their operational model. With Tokenomics, businesses can use tokens to change the way customers interact with their products/ services. Tokenomics can also help ensure that the profit is shared among all stakeholders. In particular, businesses can:

The Future of Tokenomics

The concept of 'Token Economy' as explored by B.F. Skinner, positive reinforcements and incentivization can help control social behavior. This social applicability can be mimicked in business too. As tokens represent incentivization, they can be used as an opportunity to improve businesses and their customer relationships.

As a science that deals with everything token-related, Tokenomics is here to stay.

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GK Palem, Consulting CTO for Startups in AI, Blockchain, Metaverse
Published On: 13-Sep-2022

Gopalakrishna Palem is Startup Consultant with more than 2 decades of experience in building Enterprise Solutions and MVP using Postgres, NoSQL, FIDO2, DID, Blockchain Development, Artificial Intelligence, IOT, Open Source, CarMusTy, CFugue, C/C++ Music Library, Carnatic Music, Song, Notation, MIDI, Typesetting, PDF, Books, Maya, Visual Effects, DirectX, OpenGL, Simulation, Predictive Analytics, Big Data, M2M Telematics, Predictive Maintenance, Condition-based Maintenance, Research, Cryptography, Distributed Ledgers. He is a Mentor for PhD scholars and is a CTO for Hire, Consulting CTO for MVP Building, CTO for Startups, providing CTO as a Service, Virtual CTO and CTO Advisory Services.