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About GK Palem

GK Palem is a Technology & Management Executive specialized in Blockchain, Distributed Computing (Web 3.0), Metaverse and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Over the past two decades GK Palem has built many large-scale enterprise platforms and solutions such as high-volume transactional systems, distributed render pipelines, expert AI systems, advanced visualization & modeling tools, real-time data-flow dependency-graph architectures, and Single-sign-on implementations for M2M Telematics and IOT systems etc.

Management & Strategy Expert helping organizations with:
  • Building high-performance Technology teams
  • Delivery Management
  • Scaling the product architectures
  • Defining long-term and short-term technology vision & Product Roadmaps
  • Creating growth strategy
  • Adopting emerging technologies into business processes
  • Setting up of Centre-of-Excellence (COE) divisions for critical R&D projects
  • Service Design & Portfolio management
  • Startup Mentoring
  • Corporate Turnaround Strategy
Creator of many innovative open-source tools and libraries: Author of:
  • Sequence Indexing usage for Games in Game Programming Gems 6
  • Condition-based Maintenance application for High-speed Fleet
  • Practice of Predictive Analytics for Health-care
  • Data-dependencies and Learning in Artificial Systems
  • ITIL experiences in implementing Distributed CRM system, and more
Corporate Trainer training employees on:
  • Data Sciences
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Enterprise Distributed Architectures
  • Hadoop and Big-data
  • Sensor networks and Internet of Things (IOT)
  • IaaS, SaaS, PaaS and Cloud Technologies
Research Supervisor guiding multiple PhD aspirant researchers in the core computation fields of Automata Theory, Algorithmic Information Theory.

Below are some of the samples of GK Palem's research concepts and architectural designs made available in public domain accessible for free to everyone.

Article Description Link
CarMusTy Environment Need a typesetting environment to publish your Carnatic Music song notes and lyrics? CarMusTy is an one stop solution for all your Carnatic Music typesetting requirements. Integrated with the Phonetic Transliteration capabilities and CFugue Runtime, CarMusTy lets you build Carnatic music PDF books and generate Carnatic music song MIDI files on the fly in a single cross-platform typesetting environment!! CarMusTy.html
CFugue Runtime Need a platform-independent C++ Runtime for MIDI score programming? CFugue is what you need to integrate Carnatic music Swaras with Western music notes and generate MIDI programatically. Being the first Carnatic Music C++ API in the world, CFugue has features that lets you generate Carnatic music within .Net application, ASP pages, COM components ... you name it. CFugue.html
Terabyte Arrays Need to manipulate very large arrays? Arrays > 4GB? How about having a class that can manipulate, say 131072 GB address space? With this C++ class you can handle very large arrays, upto 128 Terabyte and beyond, right from your regualr Win32 systems. Check it out. TerabyteArrays.html
Codec Enumeration Looking for a way of programatically listing all the audio, video codecs installed on the machine? Check this out. ListCodecs.html
Maya FileViewer Confused on how to visualize Maya scene content in an OpenGL application? or need help with Maya DAG API? Perhaps this application can help bring some insight into it. MayaFileViewer.html
Win32 API Tracer Looking for a free open source tracing application to trace Win32 API calls made by an application? Try this !! TracerApp.html
MultiPrint Looking for a way of printing multiple documents at once on Windows system? Perhaps you can try this simple application. MultiPrint.html
Self-reference Vs. Self-reproduction As an answer to the question "are there finite mathematical descriptions that are not effective" posed by Hilbert, Turing provided the halting function as being not effectively computable despite being finitely expressible. This he established by devising the mechanism of Turing Machine, an abstract machine that captured the logic of thought. In similar lines, von Neumann tried to capture the logic of life through the mechanism of computation, one of his attempts resulting in cellular automata and the self-reproduction theories.
The primary question is: Self-reference posed a limitation on the logic of thought. Can self-reproduction place any such limitation on the logic of life?
Logical Drive and File Enumeration Looking for easy to use, flexible wrapper classes for Logical Drive and File enumeration Win32 API? FileEnumerator.html
Securing Managed .NET Assemblies A developer tool that is quite useful for .Net developers for deploying their managed assemblies without being vulnerable to the dissemblers. This simple and elegant tool uses the .Net features of reflection and interoperability in combination with WIN32 cryptography services to provide the security for the managed assemblies. Further, an alternate option to use the CLR-Hosting technique is also available. These techniques do not involve any modifications to the assembly code and hence are quite safe and more accessible compared with existing commercial obfuscation techniques. SecureAssembly.html
Sequence Indexing A mathematical library that offers indexing, de-indexing functions for various daily used sequences such as,
  • Range Sequence
  • Permutation Sequence
  • Combinational Sequence
Uses arbitrary precision arithmetic to provide the indexing facilities for sequences of any length without restrictions. This simple and efficient library is quite useful for various routine tasks such as object serialization, graph statistics encoding, script debugging analysis etc...
Universal Progress Dialog A developer library for providing the progress dialog interfaces for lengthy background computations in Windows GUI mode applications. When requested to perform a lengthy computation, this library automatically takes care of spawning and manipulating the necessary background worker threads and the GUI synchronization details, freeing the developer from the routine thread manipulation tasks. A quite flexible library that can be used in both WIN32 and MFC applications with same ease without any restrictions. UPDialog.html

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