GK Palem
Management & Strategy Consultant

Healthcare Analytics

Healthcare Analytics by Gopalakrishna

M2M Telematics

M2M Telematics Big data Solutions by Gopalakrishna

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Condition-based Maintenance Automotive Solutions by Gopalakrishna

Social Media
Sentiment Analysis

Social Media Sentiment Analysis by Text Mining and Natural Language Processing by Gopalakrishna

Media & Publishing

Typesetting and Publishing Solutions by Gopalakrishna

ALSA Drivers

C++ MIDI Drivers and Music Programming for ALSA by Gopalakrishna

Gopalakrishna, widely referred to as GK, is a Management & Strategy Consultant specialized in Blockchain, AI, M2M, IOT and Predictive Analytics. For more than a decade he is being actively engaged by companies like Microsoft, Oracle and Symphony on various tasks ranging from applying Machine Learning to predict component failure and machine availability, to designing RESTful Single-Sign-On (SSO) architectures for Oracle IDM Fusion Middleware, distributed CRM systems on Windows Azure for high-avaialbility, low-cost Render Farm solutions on Hadoop for high-scalability and so on.

Gopalakrishna has proven track record in various research fields ranging from Computational Automata Theory, Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, to Systems Control and Simulation & Modeling. His contributions to Open-source community created multiple innovative solutions such as CarMusTy, CFugue, PhTranslator, .Net Obfuscator so on.

Not to mention, Gopalakrishna's management strategy helped many customers build their service portfolios strong and setup Center-of-Excellences.

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  • Consultancy Domains

    • Blockchain and AI
    • Big data Predictive Analytics
    • M2M Telematics and Internet of Things (IOT)
    • Social Media Sentiment Analysis
    • Media Publishing
    • Animation, Visual Effects
    • Research Outsourcing

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  • Consultancy Offerings

    • Market Analysis & Research
    • Business Strategy
    • VC Fundraising
    • Corporate Turn-around Strategy
    • Enterprise Architectural Solutions
    • End to End Technology Solutions
    • Management Trainings

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  • Recent Engagements

    • FICT Blockchain Platform
    • Scholemy Connected Research Platform
    • Connected Flight Solution on M2M Telematics
    • Driver Behavioral Analytics for Insurance
    • Sentiment Analysis on Social Media Data
    • Text Mining Clinical Documents for Healthcare
    • Cloud, Big data IOT Industry Growth Report

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