If you are looking for solutions for below problems in your startup, you have come to the right person. Get in touch with GK for a free consultation session to understand how your business can take advantage of these latest technologies.

  • Need to formulate an executive strategy for your startup organization?
  • Want to estimate how many customers will leave your service in the next one month/year and find ways to make them stay?
  • Need to predict how many machines/vehicles will breakdown in the next one month/year?
  • Want to know how your restaurent orders will get affected by weather in the next 5 days?
  • Need to analyze the customer past purchage behavior and target specific offers for specific users as targeted campaigns?
  • Want to detect fraudaulent transactions/claims in real-time and prevent them from entering the system?
  • Looking for a scalable design for your next generation killer application that can sustain Slashdot effect and C10K problem?

Customer churn analysis and retension, Order prediction, Machine downtime reduction, Optimal inventory management, Cost-effective work-labor schedules, Real-time fraud detection, Recommendation engines are some of the applications of big-data analytics. If you have not yet adapted it for your business, here are few journal publications by Gopalakrishna on Big-data predictive analytics that can help you get started.

Consultancy Services

GK provides consultancy services for MVP building, corporate turnaround strategy, service portfolio design, business management & operational excellence, big-data, predictive analytics, distributed scalable architectures and technology adaptation.

Corporate Strategy

Interested in expanding your buiness but not sure where to start or how to progress? Or have a killer buiness idea but need help in getting it executed the right way?

Market Analysis & Research

Need to know how your customers are responding to your products and how technology can help you predict their future behavior?

Architectural Solutions

Looking for SaaS, PaaS, IaaS architectures that can start small and scale-out as needed with high level of fault-tolerant and reliability SLAs built-in?

Technology Trainings

Looking for trainings on Big-data, Hadoop, R, Data Science, NoSQL, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics or Distributed System Designs?


GK helped many customers build their Large scale distributed systems, Recommendation engines, Predictive maintenance systems, Data security architectures, High-volume transactional systems so on. Below presented is a selective listing of some of the recent works by Gopalakrishna for various customers in various domains.

About GK Palem

GK has proven track record in various research fields ranging from Computational Automata Theory, Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, to Systems Control and Simulation & Modeling. His contributions to Open-source community created multiple innovative solutions such as CarMusTy, CFugue, PhTranslator, .Net Obfuscator so on.

  • Creator of many innovative open-source tools and libraries:
  • Author of
    • Sequence Indexing usage for Games in Game Programming Gems 6
    • Condition-based Maintenance application for High-speed Fleet
    • Practice of Predictive Analytics for Health-care
    • Data-dependencies and Learning in Artificial Systems
    • ITIL experiences in implementing Distributed CRM system, and more
  • Research Supervisor guiding multiple PhD aspirant researchers in
    • Automata Theory
    • Algorithmic Information Theory
    • Machine Learning
    • Predictive Analytics
    • Big data & Cloud computing
  • Management Consultant helping organizations in
    • Corporate Turnaround Strategy
    • Strategic management
    • Operational Excellence
    • Service Design & Portfolio management
    • Entrepreneurial Guidance

Do you have a business challenge that you would like to engage GK Palem on? Or interested in exploring the possibilities of how technology can help your business reduce the operational costs and improve the profit margins? Or need a way to predict th behavior of your customers and machines? Please feel free to get in touch with GK.

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