GK Palem

Management & Strategy Executive

" Mr Gopalakrishna solution to my problem was concise and professional

– Carlos Perozo (Immersive)

" Extremely happy with GK and how well he handled my case. He is a brilliant engineer, very courteous, and quickly answered all my questions with great authority and knowledge.

– Richard Litofsky (cyScape, Inc)

" You are a magician.

– Alok (VP, Symphony)

" OMG!!!!! That worked. Thank you so much!!! I'm very grateful for all your help, you're a GENIUS!

– Daniela

" Fantastic...
  the code snippet is too usefull...very good..

– David (NVIDIA corp.)

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Consult GK on Social Media Analytics and Big data GK Palem's Research and Professional work can be followed on LinkedIn and ResearchGate. Few M2M Demo videos and Big data analytics trainings videos are also available on YouTube.

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GK Palem offers executive expertise in Big data, Blockchain, Tokenization, NFT, AI, M2M, Research, Predictive Analytics, Telematics, Open Source, CarMusTy, CFugue, C/C++ Music Library, Maya, Visual Effects, Carnatic Music, Notation, MIDI, DirectX, Simulation, Video, Game Programming, Animation, Typesetting, PDF, Books, Latex, Phonetic, Transliteration, ITIL, and ITSM.

GK Palem provides consulting services for startup to build MVP in AI, Blockchain, Metaverse, Web 3.0; As a consulting CTO, GK Palem helps your startup with product roadmaps, technology architecture, mentoring the technical teams, creating the growth strategy and scaling the product architecture.

GK Palem is specialized in working with Startups and Medium-tier companies in translating the business vision into technical architectures and product road-maps.