Smart Buildings with IOT + Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The goal of Building Information Management (BIM) tools is to enable real-time monitoring of the building. For example:

Other public level use-cases are such as, calculating the appeal of a neighborhood for improving the building desirability (for purchase / rent) in a given area based on:

For Retail business owners: allow retails to perform geo-marketing, and expansion decisions (where should you open your next store ?)

Where does the data come from for the building analytics?

The energy data is obtained in two ways:

There are two descriptive cases that are luring the real estate market in the industry:

  1. Smart Contracts, and
  2. Blockchain-based Escrow systems;

The Smart Contracts and Escrow Systems are very closely related to each other in that they both use Blockchain Distributed Ledger for their operations. However they can each be used on its own without having a dependency on the other.

Escrows, for example, can be used in any scenario where third-party untrusted transactions are present. Escrows + Blockchain is possible without Smart contracts, wherein the enforcement is left up to the judiciary system.

Smart contracts, on the other hand, has a much large scope in play, where the main goal is "enforceable terms". It may or may not involve payments or money-transactions, and hence may or may not the escrow systems for its functionality.

The reason for their similarity stems from them both relying on the blockchain for their functionality. In general, they address two different practical needs of the technocracy, the democratization of technology.

At Cenacle we are constantly working on bringing these programmable IOT and Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools closer to more audience with less costs and ease of use.

With the Building Information Management system gathering the data from IOT sensors, we have scenarios for the:

Here is an excerpt from a recent presentation of mine on this topic as part of the Industry 4.0: Converge of AI, Analytics, Blockchain technologies video.

These utilize the data from the Building Information Management with Artificial Intelligence (AI) for:

GK Palem, AI Consultant
Published: Apr 2020

Keywords: GK Palem, IOT Consultant, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0, Simulation, Predictive Analytics, Big Data, M2M Telematics, Predictive Maintenance, Condition-based Maintenance, Research, Cryptography, Distributed Ledger.